The Revenue Performance Management Framework

  • 18 August 2020

If we look back over the last 20 years, Sales Performance Management technologies have grown and evolved to become quite a useful set of tools for enhancing the sales performance of enterprise organisations.

To purely focus on ‘siloed’ Sales teams, however, is a missed opportunity to have an even greater impact on an organisation’s revenue performance. At Leaptree we prefer a more holistic approach, incorporating your customer care/success teams, your marketing teams, and your wider sales channel networks; all in sync with your internal sales teams. We place RevOps at the heart of the issue and seek to understand the problems they face. With all these dimensions considered, we’ve constructed the Revenue Performance Management Framework: -

We break this challenge into 4 key segments:-

1) Motivate & Reward… All of your revenue impacting teams through a comprehensive Incentive Compensation Management approach.

2) Model & Coach… Build out different sales scenarios; compare to previous outcomes; drill-down 1-1 level to support coaching; and then convert models to actionable plans.

3) Monitor & Task… your support and sales teams to greater standards of customer engagement quality, directly impacting revenue outcomes.

4) Extend & Connect… with your indirect sales channels to ensure they are aligned and incentivized to grow with you.

We then ‘wrap’ HAIL [Humanistic Artificial Intelligence Layer] around these key services, aiming to surface up key trends, probability indicators and predictive models to learn from the best [performers] to inform the next [to step up]. We believe the most applicable use of AI, within a revenue performance context, is as a toolset to augment human capabilities – not replace them.

For this seismic shift, people, processes and technologies need to adapt to support the change, with the biggest impact, as always, being with the people. We shouldn’t talk about ‘siloed’ Sales teams anymore, we should be talking about ‘The Revenue Workforce. Connected.

Neil Young is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Leaptree, a Revenue Performance Platform software company serving the Salesforce ecosystem. Find out more @