The Revenue Workforce. Connected.

  • 25 November 2019

In days gone by, Salespeople lived in a siloed world. The best ones where masters of the ‘dark arts’ - “I don’t know how she does it but she always hits her numbers!”. The high performers were left to their own devices, free to roam the world in the pursuit of commercial happiness.

The world has changed. 77% of salespeople now say selling collaboratively with other departments is important [Salesforce Research, ‘State of Sales’ report 2018]. Having access to analytics and smart insights is playing a crucial role in successful organisations. Companies want to unlock hidden insights in their data that will help win more deals, improve productivity and most importantly, increase revenues for their business.

Digital transformation is the new reality. Millennials are beginning to dominate the workforce. Access to relevant content, online and instant, is expected. Selling ‘digital’ products/services is surpassing ‘physical’ purchases which is driving more ‘inside sales’ career opportunities than ever before.

For this seismic shift, people, processes and technologies need to adapt to support the change, with the biggest impact, as always, being with the people. We shouldn’t talk about siloed Sales teams anymore, we should be talking about ‘The Revenue Workforce. Connected.’

That is, all teams combining cohesively within your organisation to achieve the most optimum revenue results, not just the Sales teams - Customer Success teams ensuring we keep existing customer revenue and [bolt-on some new revenue while they’re at it!]; Marketing teams ensuring they are generating focused demand to increase new revenue; Product teams ensuring they create new commercially viable products; Finance teams ensuring we bring in the revenue; Delivery teams ensuring through successful projects we’ll create more revenue opportunities and so on.

And, why shouldn’t all of these teams be connected to a comprehensive incentive program, linked to the relevant strand of revenue they impact the most so that we aim for that cohesiveness we are striving for?

The Revenue Workforce. Connected.