The 100% Native Salesforce App for Managing Compensation within your business.

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Why leaptree incentivize?

Increase revenue and profitability growth through intelligently designed compensation plans.


Leaptree incentivize is built 100% inside of Salesforce using the Lightning Platform. No need for APIs or hassle with external integrations.

Eliminate Compensation Mistakes

With flexibility at its core, easily automate and adjust plans to respond to changing market conditions. Reduce payment errors & create plans that not only work for revenue teams but also meet the goals of your company.

Reduced Operational Overheads

Streamline operational processes around this key function of your business to free-up valuable time from your Finance, HR and Sales Enablement teams to allow them focus on added-value activities.

what is leaptree incentivize?

A Compensation Management Solution You Can Trust

  • Configure and manage detailed digital compensation plans in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Presents valuable and timely insights so each individual can monitor and track their sales and compensation performance in real-time.
  • Supports a powerful and dynamic business rules engine, offering functionality for compensation queries and disputes, clawbacks, smart rules and more.

Strengthen Sales Performance With Smart Insights

Analyze and uncover valuable insights to enhance overall revenue performance. Drive specific activities and incentivize the right behaviours, so reps and managers can understand what they should be doing more of.

Revolutionize Your Sales Initiatives

Using AI and advanced analytics, leaptree drives sales transformation initiatives to enable strategic revenue growth plans. Align your compensation plans with your organisational goals.

See how high-performing revenue teams are using Leaptree Incentivize to transform their compensation management strategy.

Automate The Complex. Eliminate The Mistakes.

With leaptree's extensive configuration settings, minimize incorrect commissions calculations and payment errors, as well as reduce unseen accruals and exposure.

Reduce Your Sales Operational Overheads

With real-time compensation reporting and dashboards, drive user adoption, transparency & trust within your organisation. Make changes to every aspect of the sales commissioning strategy - without custom code.